MAPPLConnect™ Platform

Carrier Grade Next Generation Network & Interconnect Platform

Discover the Power of Next Generation Interconnection & Roaming with MAPPLCONNECT™
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Get Interconnection Now & Achieve

  • Incremental revenue streams and new revenue opportunities
  • Without CAPEX; extra-ordinary OPEX savings
  • Ultimate Next-Age User Experience

Connectivity & Scalability in the Next Generation Technology & Networks while also taking care of seamless migration and connections with 5G and Future Mobile Systems.

MAPPLCONNECT™ has layered architecture paradigm to support technical innovations, enhancements, and the delivery of high-speed, diverse services. The architecture conforms to NGN standard specifications and interfaces fully complaint to international industry standards and in accordance with ITU-T recommendations and IETF RFCs.

MAPPLCONNECT™ presents end-to-end, open standards-based solution utilizing state of art portfolio of market-leading IP media and session border controllers, call servers and gateways.

It is Top-of-the-Line in every way. With the greatest

  • performance,
  • expansion,
  • interworking & interoperability, and
  • configurability yet

MAPPLCONNECT™ enables seamless end-to-end interconnection and interworking between any TDM and IP standards and Next Generation IP Networks. It is a platform created to let a wide range of businesses push the limits of what is possible.

Inter-Carrier and Inter-IXC Interconnect

Interconnecting carriers and service providers using TDM and legacy IP protocols, e.g. IETFs SIGTRAN, ITU-T H.323, 3GPP BICC, and interworking via IETF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) suite to deliver cost-effective international voice services

IP Exchange (IPX)

Interconnecting carriers via IETFs Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) suite to enable new revenue opportunities through proprietary compression technology & techniques on all communication services

Business Trunking Services

Provides efficient and cost-effective interconnection between businesses as well as within businesses globally disperse offices supporting the benefits of rich communication services

Intra-Carrier Interconnect Services

Reduces costs and offering rich unified communication services across a carrier’s various business groups as well as between a carrier’s access and core network such as broadband (DSL, Cable, Wireless) access SIP solutions and between ever-growing IMS networks with Non-IMS IP Networks

Reduces costs and offering rich unified communication services across a carrier’s various business groups as well as between a carrier’s access and core network such as broadband (DSL, Cable, Wireless) access SIP solutions and between ever-growing IMS networks with Non-IMS IP Networks

Open & Proprietary Network Architecture:

MAPPL’S Technology is open to support service creation, service updating, and incorporation of service logic provision by third parties and also support “Distributed Control” as well as enhanced security and protection.

Integration from within:

Engineered to interwork with MAPPLCONNECT™ peering and managed interconnect services – IP eXchange (IPX) or the GSMA VoLTE “one voice” initiative which defines a single IMS-based “target” solution for voice, or the Rich Communication Suite enhanced (RCS-e) Advanced Communication services being deployed by mobile operators

Independent Provisioning & Multiplicity:

MAPPL’S service provision process is separated from network operation by using distributed & open control mechanism to promote competition. We offer functional architecture for the configuration flexibility needed to support multiple access technologies.

High Quality:

MAPPL is committed to provide high-speed and high-bandwidth communication infrastructure to all its connected partners, operators and service providers through its proprietary Next Generation Technology & Networks for Voice, Data & well-matched Next-Gen Products and controlling the quality of service (QoS) on an end-to-end basis. MAPPL’S quality of Service-enabled transport technologies with high-priority QoS guarantees the bandwidth necessary to enable the user to enjoy high-quality audio or HDTV video without having any delays and to worry about QoS degradation. MAPPL provides End-To-End QoS support.


Our technology includes functions for monitoring signal traffic & data traffic for checking telephone numbers, IP addresses, and other information identifying originators as a countermeasure against spoofing, and for blocking unusual traffic at the entrance and exit nodes to the network, monitoring & real-time control on each digital transaction around the globe etc.


To improve reliability, our R&D continuously improving features and to make each and every telecommunications device in MAPPL’S NGN highly reliable. And to maintain high reliability while ensuring essential communications, network-oriented countermeasures shall also be taken. These include the provision of redundant configurations for communication circuits, equipment and traffic-control procedures for responding to traffic congestion.


MAPPL’S Next Generation Architecture has independence of service-related functions from underlying transport technologies;

  • Decoupling of service provision from transport.
  • Support of multiple last mile technologies.
  • Compliant with all regulatory requirements e.g. emergency, privacy, lawful interception, etc.

Next Generation Services

From Legacy Networks

  • Our services are typically “vertically integrated”
  • MAPPL™ Technology provide specific infrastructure components for their delivery

To NGN: Flexible Service Creation and Provisioning

  • Horizontal Convergence: Our services are no more vertically integrated
  • MAPPL™ Network Functions are componentized
  • MAPPL™ Technology is a new paradigm of standard “CAPABILITIES” as service enabling toolkit

Multimedia Services


  • Real-Time Conversational Voice
  • Point-to-Point Interactive Multimedia, e.g. real-time voice/text/video
  • Collaborative interactive communication, e.g. multimedia conferencing
  • Proprietary Compression Modules – Eliminates fixed data-rate
  • Proprietary low bit-rate encoding algorithms
  • Our transmissions are protected from eavesdroppers and low bit-rate transmissions allow more efficient spectrum usage
  • Expansion and Compression of Analog Pulses by Bandwidth Scaling
  • Push to talk over Next Generation Network (NGN)
  • Content delivery, e.g. Radio/Video streaming
  • Broadcast services (relying on Multicast), e.g. emergency community notification
  • Messaging, e.g. IM, SMS, MMS
  • Location-based services, e.g. tour guide service
  • Presence and general notification services
  • Push-based services, e.g. MMS notification Information services
  • Hosted and transit services for enterprises, mobile operators around the globe e.g. IP Centrex
  • And much more……….

next Generation Technology – Salient Capabilities

Transport connectivityMobility Management
Communication modesOAM
Media resource managementSurvivability
Access Networks and network attachmentOpen Service Environment
User networksProfile management
Interconnection, Interoperability and InterworkingPolicy management
RoutingService enablers
QoSPSTN/ISDN emulation and simulation
Accounting and ChargingPublic Interest Services support
Numbering, naming and addressingCritical infrastructure protection
Identification, authentication and authorizationNon-Disclosure of info across NNI
SecurityInter-provider exchange of user-related information

Additional Benefits With MAPPLConnect™

Boosted performance & capacity

IP Core GENBAND’s G9 Power.

Perform without constraint. MAPPLCONNECT™ is designed for pros who need the ultimate in IP media performance but cost effectively. From managing voice and multimedia traffic that flows between their networks to handling complexity required to interconnect various types of access technologies in IP-based networks. At the heart of the system is a new GENBAND’s G9 Converged Gateways for cross-border communications with trans-coding between diverse fixed line and mobile IP codecs — the most ever in MAPPLCONNECT™ standards-based compliance in IMS, MMD, TISPAN NGN, Packet-Cable and MSF architectures.

Engineered to Go-All-Out. All the time

At MAPPL, we squeeze every possible ounce of performance out of the network that means giving it a lot of power. Improved network and transport efficiencies, with advanced intelligent session routing including dynamic route hunting, adaptive routing, and least cost routing. A massive scalability provides both integrated and decoupled signaling and media interworking options, as well as multimedia trans-coding with extensive codec support.

Advanced interconnects

Forget everything you knew about interconnects.

We provide Next Generation FULL-IP Network Interconnects using best-of-breed security, session management, policy enforcement, and routing solutions, with carrier-class robustness, redundancy, and fault tolerance. Purpose-built to accommodate large scale, high volume interconnect traffic.

Seamless End-to-End Interconnection.

MAPPLCONNECT™ Platform supports diverse set of IP and legacy signaling protocols for interconnecting with carriers while moving to IPX and IMS architectures. Interconnecting and intelligently routing traffic on an any-to-any basis, whether IP (legacy and SIP), TDM, fixed or mobile for interfaces such as C7/SS7, BICC, SIP-I, H.323, and Nb/Nc, and ensures broad global coverage, irrespective of the mobile or fixed origin or destination of traffic.

Effective Cap-and-Grow Migration for TDM Assets.

Attempts to cap or replace legacy TDM Networks or evolve SS7 TDM networks to IP by converting STPs to IP-STPs using SIGTRAN protocols for interconnection in order to capitalize on existing SS7 network investments are no longer meeting all of today’s complex needs, nor do they enable new services. MAPPLCONNECT™ simplifies the transition to FULL-IP-NGN with any-to-any voice and multimedia interconnections – IP to IP, IP to TDM, TDM to TDM (fixed, mobile, and satellite) and enables operators and service providers to achieve extra-ordinary OPEX savings versus growing with traditional TDM interconnections. Migration with MAPPLCONNECT™ enhances end-to-end QoS, provides low-cost but high-quality media interworking, improve scale, as well as reduces the number of interconnecting network components, transaction costs and operational complexity.

Optimized routing

The World’s Most Powerful Traffic Routing.

Taking power one huge step further, the New-Age MAPPLCONNECT™ supports new ways to cost-effectively route both TDM minutes and the growing volume of mobile and SIP minutes across national and international backbones. Advanced intelligent session routing includes dynamic route hunting, adaptive routing, and least cost routing performed via our PoPs across the world and proprietary segment on the latest generation satellites constellation.

Simplified management

It was never so easy and quick to manage.

Rapid installation, network turn-up, and interoperability by seamlessly interworking disparate IP traffic and protocols. Advanced policy enforcement, reporting, and routing in addition to a single management umbrella simplifies operations and enhances service visibility.

New services expansion

Award-winning VAS available at “one-click”. Go configure.

MAPPLCONNECT™ environment with unique topology and features based on proprietary algorithms, compression codecs and IPBE Internet protocol bandwidth expansion and utilization provides a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are deployed on cloud and on physical layer to let interconnected partners enjoy and benefit with MAPPL’s state of art portfolio of industry’s most valuable products and services.

Security and assuranse

Security taken to new heights.

MAPPLCONNECT™ is the most secure network one’s ever built. A Secure Enclave built-in artificial intelligence provides the foundation for encrypted storage and secure transit capabilities. So, you can worry less about protecting your data, codes, and intellectual property. And focus more on doing your best thinking. Utilization of the latest soft switches, physical layers, session border controller and media gateway technologies mean customers enjoy the cost and network efficiency benefits derived from single connection deployments for voice, data application over our global IMPLS backbone network.


With extensive security, policy enforcement, and session management capabilities, the MAPPLSECURE™ brings advanced levels of protection at IP network borders. Protects the core service provider network against service-disrupting attacks. Enhanced revenue assurance with MAPPLVIEW™ element manager for dynamic policy and SLA management, route analysis, billing, and session detail analytics. Enables cost-saving participation in bilateral or multilateral IP peering, wholesale, and registry services.

MAPPLCOM expands its global presence to deliver high-quality cost-effective mobile traffic transit and powerful Next Generation value-added products and services to operators and subscribers all over the world;