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any codes over single or multiple IP endpoints with a robust

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Discover the Unique Features & Benefits of Premium Quality International Voice Termination

MAPPLVOICE™ Meets All Your Voice Needs.

MAPPLVOICE™ is a product of MAPLCONNECT™ Platform delivering the next generation quality, cost-effective Voice Services over our dedicated and globally accessible network connecting Middle East, Asia Pacific to Central Asia, Africa, North America to Central America, Europe and the Far East. We offer direct connections to over 250 international operators & carriers and carry over 30 million minutes a month on the MAPLCONNECT™ Network.

Multiple global interconnections and a robust global IPX/MPLS/IP/TDM network makes us the ideal choice for international carriers, mobile operators and retail service providers looking for high quality worldwide voice services. We are constantly increasing the capacities of the network due to increasing demand on MAPPLVOICE™ from our clients, operators and carriers. IPX Network on MAPLCONNECT™ Platform and our own managed MPLS backbone network with access POPs in different regional countries, with a coverage to reach to 300+ Mobile Operators worldwide. This extensive network of MAPPLVOICE™ is constantly growing.

MAPPLVOICE™ is designed to deliver uncompromised premium voice standards with high-quality NO-FAS ASR/ACD/PDD, CLI & roaming through direct connections to any interconnect

TDM Voice Interconnect

Our traditional service for transmitting legacy TDM-based voice calls over dedicated circuits in destination countries on our partner operators and offers the highest levels of security, reliability and service quality standards.

Private IP Voice Interconnect

Carries IP-based calls over dedicated ethernet circuits in MAPPLvoice™ Destination Countries, enabling carriers and operators to scale quickly and cost-effectively without compromising on quality, security or reliability.

Public IP Voice Interconnect

Uses public internet access to connect you virtually with our network, enabling you to enter new markets more quickly and cost-effectively without the need for physical interconnect circuits

Licensed & Direct Connections with Global Leading &
Tier1 Operators & Carriers.

MAPPLVOICE™ Via MAPLCONNECT™ Platform having resilient and direct voice connections to mobile and fixed-line networks worldwide. MAPLCONNECT™ has a sophisticated and robust infrastructure connecting all continents with unique resilience through geographically distributed softswitches, session border controllers and media gateways, connected with a state of art disaster recovery & back-up network. Coupled with multiple routes to reach every major network worldwide, it guarantees an always-up, premium quality voice service.

MAPPLVOICE™ – Highlights & Features.

As the world’s best-in-class facilities-based carrier service, that enables you to enhance and provision services with ease. Our secret is the patented MAPPLCONNECT™, which meshes multiple networks into a unified telecom infrastructure providing superior Quality, Reliability, Customer Experience, Simplicity and Reach.

We provide a fully scalable, carrier-grade network to empower small, medium, operators or carriers to simplify the needs of complex communication across the globe.

We led the disruption of traditional telecommunications by launching innovative Next Generation IPX/SPX Platform that delivers revolutionary user experiences and unrivaled performance.

Our “Number Management” API enables businesses to automate the purchase and configuration of their phone numbers in the cloud, providing unprecedented automation and flexibility.

Voice Inbound & Outbound Voice
Scalable, carrier grade TDM & SIP Trunking
Fax over IP Networks
Consistently reliable faxing over IP based networks
SMS Long code & toll-free SMS
Next generation SMS capabilities to deliver unique customer interactions
MMS Long code & Toll-Free MMS
Send & Receive MMS via Toll- Free and long code phone numbers

Voice & Date – Network Architecture Signaling & Switching.


As the world’s best-in-class facilities-based carrier service, that enables you to enhance and provision services with ease. Our secret is the patented MAPPLCONNECT™, which meshes multiple networks into a unified telecom infrastructure providing superior Quality, Reliability, Customer Experience, Simplicity and Reach.

  • We provide a fully scalable, carrier-grade network to empower small, medium, operators or carriers to simplify the needs of complex communication across the globe.
  • We led the disruption of traditional telecommunications by launching innovative Next performance.
  • Our “Number Management” API enables businesses to automate the purchase and configuration of their phone numbers in the cloud, providing unprecedented automation and flexibility.
Premium Quality
MAPPLconnect’s direct media delivery approach optimizes the call route ensuring superior crystal-clear audio quality
  • • Call quality issues can be pinpointed and diagnosed allowing the route to be altered and quality optimized
  • • This reduces the number of “hops” and points of failure delivering improved inbound and outbound voice quality
Unprecedented Reliability
MAPPLCOM’s patented MAPPLconnect™ automatically circumvents outages to enable unprecedented reliability and uninterrupted customer experience
  • • In the event of an outage, the ‘Sonus-Powered Network MAPPLconnect™ rapidly routes physical and logical paths of inbound calls to bypass the outage and enable customers to maintain normal operations
Unparalleled CX
MAPPLCOM’s customer success and engineering teams work together seamlessly to d an unparalleled Customer Experience
unlike any other telecom provider. Our core values below ensure customer satisfaction and success:

  • • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • • Exceptional Technical Expertise
  • • Seamless Onboarding Process
Scalable Simplicity
Launch new or enhanced capabilities and scale easily utilizing our web services with no added complexi
  • • Intuitive self-service portal; no interaction with MAPPL
  • • User friendly; designed with user experience in mind
  • • Easy to scale; truly on demand scalability
  • • Dedicated develop portal; all resources in one location
Unprecedented Reliability
Our network meshes excess capacity from disparate traditional telecom networks into a singular unified network:
  • • Currently able to terminate in cover 200 countries
  • • 120 International countries origination capabilities ITFS & Local

Service Features.

  • High-quality voice termination to anywhere in the world.
  • Extensive and globally accessible network in Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Dynamic call-routing changes ensure price and performance benefits are passed on to customers quickly.
  • A single connection for voice, data application and VAS over our sophisticated Proprietary Technology.
  • Proactive call and network monitoring to identify and restore potential problems to minimize user impact.
  • Global MPLS Backbone and NGN-TDM-NGN Media Gateways “Colocation Centers” in Dallas, London, Surrey, Midrand/Johannesburg, Kuwait, Karachi, Bishkek, and Hong Kong.
  • Colocation List is constantly Growing in all Continents.
  • Full Interoperability between Supported Protocols.
  • Direct access and redundant connections to the Tier1 Operators and Carriers.
  • Price-sensitive termination for Standard Service through more than 250 interconnected Carriers and Niche Operators.
  • Call routing options to different nodes of subscribers (load sharing/ balancing, call overflow protection, time of day/ day of week routing).
  • Pure White CLI, Guaranteed delivery of Premium Services, Roaming through direct connections to a growing list of more than 250 Operators & Carriers.
  • 24/7 customer care & support provided by our multilingual voice specialists.
  • 24/7 Network Management, Monitoring, Routes Updates, Quality Assurance Supervision, and maintenance by MAPPLCONNECT™ Central Voice Network Operation Center (CVNOC) and Regional Voice Network Operation Centers (RVNOC).

Global Inbound & Outbound Services

Our Global Inbound & Outbound Services allow businesses & enterprises to remain in touch with their customers and partners anywhere in the world.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

At MAPPLVOICE™ Global Inbound & Outbound Services enable both wholesale and direct customer models, connecting any location worldwide with minimal set up costs:

  • Wholesale: carrier, service providers and operator networks
  • Businesses & Enterprise: branches, contact centers and conferences

Service Features.

  • MAPPLVOICE™ Global Inbound & Outbound Service facilitates your geographic expansion into new markets through a variety of access options.
  • In case of TDM delivery; MAPPLVOICE™ Automatic Reroutes to Redundant IP Connections for call completion in case failure of Dedicated TDM connections.
  • MAPPLVOICE™ allows directly dialed international calls to be made initially from our own local licensed Countries with free of international charges to callers. And in total we provide over 130 destination countries through our own and Partner Networks.
  • MAPPLVOICE™ provides additional flexibility by offering network access to callers using local fixed or mobile numbers from initially over 130 countries and this growing list of our own licensed networks shall provide additional benefits to clients.
  • MAPPLVOICE™ fast provisioning, implementation, testing and initiation of service.
  • MAPPLVOICE™ provides seamless number translation service and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS).
  • MAPPLVOICE™ provides seamless number translation service and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS).
  • MAPPLVOICE™ provides Universal International Freephone Numbers to clients
  • MAPPLVOICE™ provides Universal Unique Numbers to clients & businesses to enjoy making calls from over 40 countries with a single unique number. MAPPLVOICE™ also initiates service of Local Number Service (LNS).

MAPPLConnectIPX™ –
(IP eXchange Network)

It is just not a Technology but More than a Technology

  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ Guarantees End-to-End Delivery of Voice and Data over a Single and Converged Connection.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ is a business enabler, supporting the development of services such as HD Video Calling.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ with Network Simplicity & Service Orientation.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ offers fixed and mobile operators with high quality, cost effective interconnect services.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ with Multi-layered Security and Reliability.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ with MPLS VPN Network make it the perfect combination for international voice and data.
  • MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ offers to operators & clients the advantages of end-to-end IP Networks and access new revenue streams from existing & future services.

Service Features.

  • Extensive MPLS/IP coverage allowing Global Access to MAPPLCONNECTIPX™ Voice Platform.
  • Wide range of services, including roaming (signaling, data roaming), communication (VoIPX, VoLTE, ViLTE, HDVC, Anti-Fraud), VAS.
  • Flexible Customer Routing Mechanism, Control & Command.
  • Instant Access to one of the best Private IP Global Backbones.
  • Worldwide Coverage with PoPs in key geographies across the globe; in Developed, Developing/Emerging & Under-Developed Economies.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) including guaranteed End-to-End MAPPL SLAs.
  • 24/7 network management, monitoring and troubleshooting by MAPPLCONNECT™ Central Voice Network Operation Center (CVNOC) and Regional Voice Network Operation Centers (RVNOC).

MAPPLVoice™ –
Voice Anti-Fraud Service

Multilayered Security and Regulatory Compliant

A Cloud-Based Solution combined with Anti-Fraud Trained Specialists

Non-Intrusive Revenue Protection.

Anti-Fraud Service at MAPPLVOICE™ is a package of tools including Anti-SIM boxing offering Real-Time and Non-Intrusive Protection from Voice Fraud. Due to the increasing sophistication of fraud, Our R&D Division has developed a smart and advanced product for the fixed and mobile service providers industry and this product has been delivered to MAPPLVOICE™ and deployed to provide unique service features to its global clients. This product offers very smart quick return on investment in 4-6 months and also capable to adapt to combat the latest fraud trends and with the help of our work in R&D to combat voice fraud with even Enhanced Fraud Detection Features. The product & service also provides Expert Supported System (ESS) designed to detect SIM-Frauds in Real-Time with coordinates to reach at location of SIM Boxes installed and promptly blockage of detected SIMs automatically.

Service Features.

  • Mature, updated and Enhanced Service.
  • Maximum privacy and regulatory compliance: collocated the special customized server at the operator’s NOC.
  • SIM Box Smart Profiling Service “SBSP”, in combination with Enhanced SIM Box Detection Service “ESBD”.
  • Fast detection and de-activation time with a guarantee of <30 minutes per fraudulent SIM and 30 minutes as standard.
  • Advanced Technology Platform supports by highly skilled professionals of Anti-Fraud Experts.
  • Bespoke system for immediate direct SIM blocking fitting operator choices.
  • Real-time CDR transfer and analysis, no batch processing.
  • Self-learning mechanism with increased speed of detection as time passes.
  • Instant wide-ranging analysis and reporting of every CDR.

The Characteristics Which
Make Us Different.

Capacity and scalability

Connect Once & Use Always. Every aspect of MAPPLVOICE™ is designed in pursuit of performance & quality once and forever. More than 800 Gigabits per second of connectivity between data centers and network PoPs, Central Network Switching Center/POP with two full redundant Continental Switching Centers, carrying more than 1.6 million wholesale minutes of voice traffic per day and 0.6 million minutes of retail – our reliable, scalable carrier network is built to accommodate all of your needs now and for years to come.

One Network Fits All. Served as a replacement to existing incumbent carriers’ infrastructures, MAPPLVOICE™ operates a facilities-based global network, taking the stress out of supporting legacy and new technologies while simplifying your long-distance and special toll-free needs. Our wholesale voice portfolio is used by some of the most prominent players in the cable, wireless and telecommunications industries.

Multiple interconnection options

Access across the globe via hosted Telephony platform with Satellite Backbone. MAPPLVOICE™ has extremely high-performance interconnection and transmission facilities. It begins with 13 PoPs, 1 Master Switching Center with 2 redundant continental centers & disaster recovery units and with 4 international Hubs. We can tailor our service to suit different business models and access technologies, allowing you to connect your network to ours in the way that best suits you.

Global Footprint and Network Depth. MAPPLVOICE™ is expanding its continently footprint and network depth progressively. By the end of 2020, our global reach span shall be direct & partners PoPs in more than 60 major markets, and we serve approximately 40 colocation facilities and data centers worldwide.

Premium quality voice

A sophisticated automated routing mechanism prevents delays or manual intervention. We have implemented a state-of-the-art automated testing equipment to ensure that service levels meet or exceed industry standards. This includes regular testing of our CLI-Guaranteed routes via carefully selected partners, MOS and False Answer Supervision as well as facilitating resilient and diversity for added redundancy.

Global footprint and Global Network Reach paired and integrated with proven technologies and solutions. The quality is further endorsed by our partnerships with market-leading vendors and operators, facilitating end-to-end solutions that provide local and global connectivity, and world class customer experience.

Built-in Redundancy. With its geographically diverse media gateways and facilities to next-generation selective routers, SBC etc. MAPPLVOICE™ also ensures P.01 Transmission Grade of Service and appropriate on top destinations.

Managed least cost routing

Fully automated to let you spend less. Customers of MAPPLVOICE™ can benefit from additional functionality and cost savings by accessing our direct routes, partner vendors and LCR management tools/mechanism. We create a custom routing partition, dedicated channels and assumes management of quality voice calls to deliver competitive termination costs and high quality.

Simplicity and cost-efficiency

Instant Connectivity. Our public IP interconnect option can be set up instantly without investing in physical connectivity to reduce your costs and your time to market. By reducing your CAPEX for expensive new or upgraded IP equipment and costly next-generation network buildouts you cut your investment risk and reduce upfront capital and manpower resources and avoid vendor management hassles.

Aggregation of Interconnections. Compared to establishing connections to selective Routers or SBC, MAPPLVOICE™ reduces network expenses, provides significant economic benefits, economically viable volume price structures and price-sensitive termination for Standard Service through more than 250 interconnected carriers and niche operators with our IPX/SPX, LECs, IXSs solutions and global platform.

Accelerated Time-to-Market for New Services: We allow operator partners to concentrate and leverage the experience and infrastructure of trusted service and to rapidly launch new services or transition to next generation solutions.

Multi-layered security

Built for Today’s Cyber Environment. We Safeguard Digital Environment, identify threats, detect fraud, mitigate risks and protect your network while utilizing MAPPLCONNECT™ Wholesale Segment and cloud applications with a multi-layered defense platform that will proactively neutralize attacks. One-day-business-cycle supported by complex business application – B.O.S (Business Operation System) and on-line business monitoring, KPI analysis, TT management.

Security & Increased Visibility. MAPPLVOICE™ provides a multi-layered, proactive defense that helps our customers to identify threats and mitigate risks, while protecting their network, cyber environment and cloud applications. You feel a real peace of mind. Our customers get extensive visibility into attack traffic and advanced threats through the MAPPLVOICE™ threat intelligence, attack detection methods, fraud detection and global IP, CDN and DNS networks. MAPPLVOICE™ feeds over 3.5M Cisco’s NetFlow Sessions into our machine learning models each day, collecting IP traffic information and monitoring network traffic by analyzing flow data.

Advanced Threat Controls with Carrier-Agnostic Protection and Detection. Seven global scouring centers leveraging our progressive 18 Tbsp. backbone network as an additional mitigation layer via BGP FlowSpec with Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI). Platform controls threats through network routing, filtering and rate limiting, providing relief from volumetric and application-based attacks targeting layers 3-7.

Fraud Detection. Highly skilled and dedicated team of experts and analysts is monitoring global voice fraud situation and its impact on the voice wholesale market, surveying key geographies and fraud traffic flow, determines the key fraud types and characteristics of voice wholesale business and configure MAPPLSECURE™ Detection Mechanisms

MAPPLCOM expands its global presence to deliver high-quality cost-effective mobile traffic transit and powerful Next Generation value-added products and services to operators and subscribers all over the world;