A Key to Next
Generation Digital Age

Next Generation IP Networks, Voice, Data and Managed Services
for Telecom Industry, Governments and Enterprises.

Modernize your Networks & Systems and capitalize on Next Generation Networks & Systems without Significant Investments

Modernize your Networks & Systems with MAPPLCOM’s Next Generation Solutions lead you to seamlessly interwork between any TDM/Legacy and IP standards and to enjoy the benefits of Industry’s Next Generation Solutions and Services

  • Voice Traffic
    8 mln min/day
  • Mobile Wallet Accounts
    more than 46 mln
  • New SIM Sale
    more than 35 mln
  • Biometric Verifications
    more than 180 mln
  • G2P Payments
    more than 16 bln
  • Loan Disbursements
    more than 2 bln
  • BVMT Transactions
    more than 227 mln
  • Deployments @ Retail
    more than 0.26 mln

Capitalize on MAPPLNeXT™ & MAPPL 2040™ Next Generation Technologies and get benefits of Next Digital Age

  • Emerging Packetization of IP

    A set of proprietary systems based on emerging Packetization technology of IP which leads to convergence of networks and follows the layered approach for separation of Infrastructure, Service Control and Service Provision functions

  • Convergence of Networks

    Converged, efficient and flexible IP-based platform for any codes over single or multiple IP endpoints with a robust IPX/ MPLS/ IP/ TDM network which can evolve in a modular and flexible manner to create, deploy and manage innovative unified application services

  • Multi-Protocol Interworking

    Seamless interconnection between TDM/Legacy and IP protocols, e.g. IETFs SIGTRAN, ITU-T H.323 3GPP BICC, and interworking via IETF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) suite in line with IMS, VoLTE, IPX and IP standards

Proprietary NextGen Technologies and Networks

MAPPLCOM’S Next Generation Technologies & Networks combine the great features of the Fixed Telephone Network nurtured over years e.g., high quality, reliability, and stability with the merits of IP Networks e.g., diverse services & a real cost effectiveness. Connecting to other carriers' networks and enabling players in diverse businesses and industries to introduce & launch new services and add value.

We have a proprietary Research & Development since 1998 and are working to accomplish connectivity & scalability in the Next Generation Technology & Networks while also taking care of seamless migration and connections with 5G and Future Mobile Systems. Our technology provides Open Architecture, Independent Provisioning & Multiplicity, High Speed & Excellent Quality, End-To-End QoS Support, Security & Reliability.

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  • From Legacy Networks
    • Our services are typically “vertically integrated”
    • MAPPL™ Technology provides specific infrastructure components for their delivery
  • To NGN Flexible Service Creation & Provisioning
    • Horizontal Convergence: Our services are no more vertically integrated
    • MAPPL™ Network Functions are componentized
    • MAPPL™ Technology is a new paradigm of standard “CAPABILITIES” as service enabling toolkit

Next Generation Secured Global Licensed Network

A Next Generation - Sonus Powered Network with POPs in Tier III data centers across multiple switching Hubs, POPs, Colocations, and Regional Network Operation Centers. Our Carrier Grade Next Generation Infrastructure brings redundancy via a multi-tiered, self-healing topology providing maximum uptime to voice & data network operators. Sophisticated & Advanced least cost routing ensures lower cost on circuits and voice calls.

MAPPL™ with an extensive and resilient network infrastructure supports a wide portfolio of international voice and data solutions, cost-effective value-added managed services and a range of network monitoring services. All our infrastructure and effective processes are fully compliant with cyber security regulations of NIST & FISMA to ensure network security policies and best practices.

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Award-Winning Next Generation Products and Services

MAPPLCOM’S Next-Generation Products—are also known as platform products because they are expected to inspire and support a whole new line of derivative products—coupled with a major commitment to deliver in accordance with the sophisticated and rapidly changing requirements of the marketplace linked with enhanced user experience.

Our End-to-End capabilities and processes include a solid strategy, conceptualization and design documentation phase. Our development team then takes over and applies our own version of a SCRU Methodology that’s been designed to ensure both rapid development and high user satisfaction.

MAPPL holds 76 Patents and 12 Award-Winning Innovations, 46 Publications on Digital Transformation, Digital Economy, Next Generation Technology, and presented in GSMA’s Sucess Case 2019.

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Our Product Portfolio includes
  • Next Generation Interconnections
  • Global Roaming Free Communications
  • Voice - Data - Multimedia
  • Digital & Global Branchless Banking
  • NextGen Wearables and IoT
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Environment
  • Enhanced 4D Shopping Experience
  • Integration of AR into Apps and Platforms
  • Biometric Technology
  • Mixed Reality Video
  • Location Based Experiences
  • Photogrammetry
  • Eye Tracking & Object Tracking
  • Gesture Input and Interaction Design
  • Motion Input Interaction Design

IP Transit - Premium Quality

MAPPLTransit™ offers high quality, scalable and affordable bandwidth and the best value in global marketplace. Blend with wide choice of service locations with our exceptionally high-quality connectivity to Access and Content Networks throughout the world, and you will understand how we turned hundreds of carriers, service providers, and application & content providers into long-standing customers.

MAPPL’S Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures 100% global network availability, SSAE 16 standards, 99.99% packet delivery ratio (PDR), 99.995% Uptime, Jitter EF Priority 5ms, less than 38 milliseconds roundtrip latency and proactive outage notification within 10 minutes and VNS with Dual-VNF 100%. MAPPL delivers maximum uptime and calculates service credits to match monthly billing cycles.

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NGN Carrier - Grade IP Interconnect Platform

MAPPLConnect™ leading edge, Next Generation Network Architecture that delivers carrier-grade capabilities such as QoS, scalability, reliability, layered security and service management. Resilient & Direct Connections to the world’s leading carriers, mobile & fixed networks, which offer distinctive resilience through geographically distributed softswitches, session border controllers, and media gateways.

MAPPLConnect™ supports TDM (E1/T1/DS3/STM-1/OC3, ITU/ANSI/ ETSI/HK-ISUP, ANSI/ETSI PRI), IPX (SIP/SIP-I, FE/GE), and NGN enabled switching - NGN-IP (SIP-I/SIP, VoIP/FE/GE) network access. It enables seamless interworking between any TDM and IP standards in full complience with TISPAN. MAPPLConnect™ offers price sensitive termination through more than 350 interconnected carriers and Tier-1 niche telecom operators.

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We are ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 Certified