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Junk science: how can the flow be slowed by leaders

What is junk science? Generally, this term describes using pseudoscientific definitions and explanations that spoil people’s perceptions and make them sure that some of the events and phenomena in this world work in completely different way that it actually does. This can be created both deliberately, because it acts as a powerful tool of managing people, and occasionally due to lack of technical knowledge. Nowadays, this is more and more frequently encountered since a faster spread of information in the era of mobile devices, social networks and trend of sharing one’s opinion. This issue recently surfaced again when Liberal MP Ron McKinnon on behalf of some constituents filed a petition calling for cell towers to be banned within 305 meters (1000 feet) of schools. The conclusion on the towers’ insecurity for health was based on findings of the study “Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults” by L. Lloyd Morgan, Santosh Kesari and Devra Lee Davis. Taking into consideration absence of rules preventing cell towers’ installation near schools and playgrounds, declaration of a possible human carcinogen by MWR and lack of needed changes in Safety Code 6, the citizens called upon to update the safety code to limit the cellular towers/antennas’ installation closer to children public zones than the distance mentioned above and creating buffer “safety zones”.

By the truth is that in order to reduce exposure to RF (or radio frequency) energy from mobile devices, base stations have to be put in every light post in the city. Sounds a bit controversial (especially to the petitioners), but the only way to reduce exposure to RF energy in schools would be to move towers not farther away but closer to these schools. This is the side of the question concerning stations. Moreover, stations are not even the biggest threat! The greatest exposure to mobile EMF radiation you experience from mobile devices, not the towers. Even in case you have no personal device, the transmitter closest to you still belongs to someone’s mobile phone.

This petition was addressed simultaneously by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health who admitted that there should be no concerns regarding one’s health including children from the sources mentioned. And also, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep has given a detailed response which started with highlighting the importance of Radiocommunication and broadcasting services for all Canadians as they are used daily by the public, safety and security organizations, all levels of government, wireless service providers, broadcasters, utility companies and other businesses.

Even if this paper currently has status “withdrawn”, there’s for sure many more coming. Another relevant example is the article blaming COVID-19 on 5G technology deployment. What can this problem end up with? Progressive experts believe that many agencies worldwide have to grow mature in identifying junk science and clearly responding to the poisonous papers and articles. Of course, some real concerns can also occur, this Is why specialist should be “sympathetic to aesthetic concerns and responsive to finding solutions”. And it’s about leaders who make decisions, so we can hope that they are equipped and skillful enough to call out ungrounded fears and disinformation being spread even in spite of the obvious hesitation to antagonize any segment of voters.