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MAPPLCOM™ is in Republic of Guinea as well and initiating services

MAPPLCOM™ is bringing more destinations under its licensed network, and rapidly expands MAPPLCONNECT platform within the territory of North and West Africa now. MAPPLCOM is engaged with many Regulatory Authorities in West & North African destination countries, and Local Operators: Republic of Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Niger, Morocco and others have considered the value and benefits of our next generation technologies, rapidly expanding global footprint of MAPPLCOM™, and MAPPLCOM™ is preparing to launch its next generation licensed networks in these countries to initiate International Communications Carrier Services, deployment of GPON and FTTH technologies, IPTV, OTT, VoD, Location Based Services and much more with mobile & fixed-line operators introducing new unique offerings for international marketplace.

It means for us not only the growth of our own scope of the business. Through our technologies we’re also contributing unique values, products and services of Next Generation Networks to developing and underdeveloped countries, bringing their Telecom industry and standards to the level of the advanced countries of the world and connecting citizens and societies to each other in an extremely cost-effective manner. 

Telecom Operators in these Destination Countries, Regulatory Authorities and Governments shall take advantages starting from significant reduction of transit costs in the industry, till getting powerful tools to develop their local networks and to improve product portfolio for private and business clients in their countries with industry’s most valuable mobile products and services.

Thus, MAPPLCOM™ allows them to concentrate on their core area of service and MAPPLCOM™ shall take care of their incremental revenue streams from international marketplace and helping them have more and more active SIM cards with extra ordinary revenue streams.