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It’s been officially announced that early trial access to millimeter wave 5G spectrum will be available by mid-summer with the launch of a mmWave 5G-enabled device by mid-year. What about accessibility?

One of the most promising technologies according to the analysts is on the stage of internal testing which begun several weeks ago and the process is specially planned to enable trial mobile sites to be constructed in some particular areas in Australia long before an expected auction which is to happen in the beginning of 2021.

Providers already ensure customers that the technology will most likely supercharge 5G networks. The main argument toward using the fifth generation Is comparatively higher speeds and lower latency which can ensure full-scale power of new devices. As for physical availability, providers report that deployment will start from some small areas and consequently occupy higher percentage of the territories. It is also stated that the expansion is planned to be finished as soon as the technology becomes a commercial product. It will be made possible through ACMA 26 GHz scientific licenses that can be used for trials ahead of the spectrum auction early next year.

The launch of mmWave-based tools is going to be boosted by release of some branded 5G-enabled devices by some producers, and the aim is, obviously, to coincide with the early mmWave rollout. Another reason to explain why general public is so excited is the fact that the upcoming experience of mmWave implementation will give an understanding of how similar 5G solutions can be scaled and integrated in already established commercial mobile network. Talking about current positions of the providers, around 32 regions and major cities are covered by existing 5G resourced and an equal amount is on the track to reach the same integration level by the start of trials.

Moreover, actions taken by rivals and following players engage serious attention by society, as if, for example, one of key opponents manages to launch the world’s first 2300 MHz and 3500 MHz spectrum 5G dual-band production network (which is not less anticipated than mmWave), then the success of the upcoming trial mode is a giant question mark. Therefore, none of the parties has a right to retreat (which definitely leads to failure) and the race of technologies also becomes an exciting event to witness.