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Messengers: Allies or Foes to Voice Termination?

Voice termination market is being shaken again and again by alarming prophecies on voice players losing business to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat and other messengers which offer “free” calls to any world destination. Indeed, in the eyes of the philistine person voice calls must vanish in the past like archaism of previous generation. From the regular consumer perspective this is a reasonable conclusion once he doesn’t need to pay per minute of his connectivity. However, for smart market players nothing is changing dramatically with the exception of technology which is involved into transit of the signal. Those operators, aggregators and carriers, who have taken a timely shift to the most advanced IP transit topology platforms now not only keep benefiting from the growing VoIP calls trend, but also have a chance to absorb messengers’ users traffic to their networks as well.

What is the messengers signal’s transit in its nature? The same IP capsule which must be landed on some network, seamlessly delivered from A to B and returned to the receiving party without data loss. Thus, once the network allows to perform these steps, messengers transform from foes into allies bringing their IP traffic at your disposal. Check with us how to upgrade your network with MAPPLCOM through interconnecting to MAPPLConnect platform.