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World’s first Dynamic Spectrum Solution is officially released and commercially available for customers all over the world.

Recently it’s been announced that the technology most consumers of telecom services have been waiting for, is available for commercial purchase now! Demonstrating brilliant result during the test runs and focus-group tests, DSS (short for Dynamic Spectrum Solution) is anticipated to achieve high popularity among everyday users.

One can get the access to this solution through downloading and application of the latest version of software for laptops or mobile devices (still the compatibility to be checked first). Technically, the tool can be deployed with both 4G and 5G in the same band, but the latest generation of networks is stated to cover more dynamic opportunities of this technology. Developers of the DSS report that for the first-time customers do not have to re-farm spectrum before deploying a new ‘G’ and can quickly get 5G on the same footprint as they have with 4G today. In the following period of 12 months, more than three quarters of the commercial 5G networks we support will use our spectrum sharing solution to achieve broader 5G coverage.

Some experts and analysts tend to be less optimistic about the application of technology and express concerns on scarcity of resource and comparatively high costs. Therefore, this implies that Dynamic Spectrum Solution would be used thoroughly and sensibly to be efficient enough. Consequently, service providers can rapidly roll out 5G on their FDD bands without the necessity to invest simultaneously again. It means they can use both their new and currently existing bands for beneficial 5G high speed. Dynamically allocating spectrum between 4G and 5G is going to be the best way to start deploying 5G. After some period of simultaneous coverage by 4G and 5G services some shift can be brought toward higher involvement of 5G networks.

Nevertheless, some moderate skepticism on the speed of commercial adoption still the exists, the number of advocates and supporters is significantly higher, meaning that general attitude to DSS is positive. DSS is a win-win approach for both customers and telecom operators the has a potential to help local communities to build sufficient infrastructures, communication facilities and involve inhabitants in more intense deployment of network capacities.