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AI-powered digital workers: The world’s first digital employee marketplace is out now, what do companies have to do in order to handle it?

Now this is real: companies are not limited with the number of offline employees they currently have – they can “hire” AI-powered and cloud-sourced digital workers to construct a hybrid workforce with combining both types of labor sources for better enterprise scaling, more accurate resources allocation and achieve higher productivity and efficiency

One of the main advantages of the technology is the ability of digital employees to collaborate with their human colleagues that can produce, in addition, so-called “synergy effect”. This hybrid platform is widely described as “the-first-of-its-kind” and already gained massive investors’ support while anticipated growth rate of the project is expected to be several times higher than the market average. 

Practically, the same “digital employee” can simultaneously serve for several companies and solve a number of tasks up to the maximum productivity of the provider servers’ capacity. Clients mainly attracted by the employee enterprise experience for specific roles, skills and industries, and with advanced cognitive, self-learning and conversational capabilities. The first job role is already available, and this is IT Service Desk Engineer, who supports users by resetting passwords, unlocking accounts and serving other typical IT Helpdesk requests.

However, the main concerns of the businesses are the following. Firstly, how well can AI-labor address more complicated tasks, especially ones involving inter-functional communication inside a company? Secondly, how to overcome usual real-world non-digital employees fears that they can be potentially replaced with AI-power completely one day? Therefore, there should be found some tools to trigger cooperation not competition between machine and non-machine forces in the project. And finally, how to adjust business processes and organisational structure to extract value form this innovative way of development? What assets should be involved to catalyse the transformation?

The creator of the marketplace states that the world is changing dramatically and predicts that by 2025 the human-digital colleagues will be 50-50. The ability to construct a hybrid workforce is one of the major milestones in building the skill-based economy, which enables companies to reach totally new level of productivity and efficiency built on their ability to manage assets properly.