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From science fiction to real life: Voice over WI-FI technology enables its users to make calls with WI-FI connection when they have zero or extremely low network signal.

Could anyone imagine a few years ago that WI-FI based facilities would guarantee us stable and available calls when there is no chance to use local networks because of zero or close-to-zero signal? But this is true now! A new cutting edge solution called Voice over WI-FI (or VoWi-Fi, shortly) allows people all over the globe to forget about issues based on inaccessibility of local network operators or tiny coverage areas. The only technical requirement is a compatible smartphone device to handle the technology.

Noticeable, the initial goal of the system development was to cover indoor network gaps which bring a lot of troubles for telecom operators because of necessity to get site approvals, permissions and Right of Way in residential areas. But soon it became evident that VoWiFi is high enough to deal with a wider range of problems such as insufficient network coverage when someone keeps using VoLTE. 

Technically, VoWi-Fi uses IEEE 802.11 wireless networks which’ve been made for voice over IP (VoIP).  Voice over Wi-Fi has passed several comprehensive tests and is officially released now to enhance network connections. Although looking as a potential competitor of telecom operators – the core function of the tool is to support these operators when they are experiencing some coverage or structural difficulties. 

While we are looking forward to facing a wider implementation of corresponded digital facilities and anticipate high growth rate of similar innovative solutions triggered by this “voice-over-something-boost” – creators of the technology believe, that this is just a start and further tests will definitely reveal full potential of their brainchild that can be capable of reaching new frontiers and establishing milestones in terms of accessibility, affordability and customer service!