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How are we going to address the most dangerous security issues? MAPPLVerif™, as it is!

MAPPLVerif™ Biometric SIM registration, verification & automated franchise with global access.

Previously we have announced data on the dynamics of clients’ perception of the main telecom services features and factors which have the most significant impact on customers’ choice of service providers.  Players with bigger amount and high elaboration of developed security facilities gain more popularity since personal data protection is number 1 issue for overwhelming majority of clients. 

What can we do to face the customers’ expectations? 

The method is super simple! All we have to do is to create a service which provides access only to verified clients who can prove their identity. Due to the modern technologies development, some new ways to find a link between a person and his/her personal data emerged recently. For instance, high prevalence of gadgets capable of fingerprints scanning or face recognition. Therefore, it is highly likely that a single smartphone or any other devices can be technically attributed to one particular owner. 

MAPPLVerif™ technology creates a method for biometric SIM registration, thus, establishing a “link” between a client and his “digital twin” – non-real agent representing in telecom space all the actions taken by the client in the real world. And the special test procedure to check whether the decision-making person is still the one associated with the device – special verification processes are conducted. One of the main benefits of this “communication scheme” is that even though are demanding technologically and involve complicated machine algorithms, the methods employed are extremely simple for end-users, therefore, allowing everyone to get global access from any part of the world at any time when it is needed!

All in all, this is an innovative approach to address the most crucial issue in the telecom market and make services and tools even more secure and comfortable in use for clients and partners, thus, gaining experience, unique assets and lasting competitive advantage over any competitors!