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Impact of pandemic on the main vendors of telecom services

The recent analysis on coronavirus has revealed the impact of pandemic on the main vendors in the market of telecom services.

For several months the whole world has been suffering from the terrifying consequences of COVID-19’s in the various fields of everyday life. Social and economic life almost stopped because of strict constrains and restrictions imposed by governments on citizens, public places and different types of organisations. Businesses all over the world shut down due to solid lack of clients who had no chance to save their daily routines of shopping and leisure habits. In return, masses of employees lost their jobs since business doesn’t have aby resources to maintain credibility and brand image. Experts say that total effect of the crisis hardly can be estimated. 

Still, some intermediate results can be estimated within several particular industries and one of the most recent assessment became a base for The Telecom Managed Services Market Research Report, which provides a precise analysis of the different models and factors affecting the industrial growth of the Telecom Managed Services global industry. The main questions authors tried to answer with the report are the following: how severe the companies in the market are influenced by the pandemic (if they are), what functional spheres are mainly affected and what are the recovery plans proposed by governments? The dynamics are projected within the forecasting horizon of 7 years (2020-2026). The report focusses on the following subjects in order to assess the current state of affairs: market share, industry trends, growth drivers, and company coverage (sales data, main products & services etc.) analysis, product coverage (market size & forecast, major company of product type etc.), demand coverage (market size & forecast, consumer distribution).

Surprisingly enough, the report turned out to be pretty ambiguous, since some companies not only saved their market shares and user bases but even managed to improve their circumstances. This is explained by a fact that telecom services became highly demanded when people encounter a necessity to maintain their workflow distantly and communicate with people using only digital channels. 

All in all, there’s still a lot to be properly examined, but so far the report proves that some adaptations and adjustment in business models and the way we communicate definitely led to a drastic change in the game where telecom operators have to make more flexible offerings to float during harsh competition after the crisis.