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MAPPLTransit™ lower latency and fewer hops High-Speed IP Transit Connection

What is a regular data transit service and how it generally works? The mechanisms operating data flow are pretty simple and haven’t encountered any dramatic changes since their massive employment several decades ago.

The data transit service is, in a nutshell, a permanent Internet connection, which is also a complex service that includes installation, access line, customer premise equipment and connection to the Internet itself.

To provide the connection, data transit service provider uses optical connections (laser bridges, optical cables), microwave bridges (licensed dedicated band and non-licensed bands) or leased lines. Technically, data transit is available in various types of ports: 10Mbps / 100Mbps / 1Gbps / 10Gbps / 100Gbps. Provider’s employees choose the suitable connection technology for the end point after careful consideration with respect to availability at the location and demanded capacity.

To make a transit service truly global, a chain of facilities covering huge territories should be constructed. The power of the net depends mostly on number of facilities, relative intensity of a single facility output and how wide the width of coverage is.  

This is why we are extremely proud to say that MAPPLCOM’s facilities delivering MAPPLTransit™ are located in almost all of major headquarters destinations for the world’s largest and most powerful brands and companies, internet providers and corporate networks. We operate ultra-fast Trans-Atlantic fiber-channels connecting our clients to all the major internet exchanges and global financial centers. Extensive direct interconnections and well-established bilateral connections with numerous suppliers around the world allow to balance load (preventing overloads during the peak periods), to optimize routes and guarantee excellent quality of global and regional coverage.

MAPPLTransit™ service is designed with respect to desires of our customers and provides fast, secure and convenient information flow to address the most crucial needs using the most innovative methods via wide chain of modern facilities and servers.