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MAPPLPay™: global money transfers have never been that easy for you!

It’s not a secret that it’s been several years already since money is treated like Data for some transfer operations, cashless purchases or payrolls. This innovation, which initially was greeted by people like a threat for their resources’ security – now an ordinary part of their everyday routine no one is questioning about. Ability just to store information about clients’ transactions is also a way cheaper and less time-consuming for banks and credit organizations. At the end of every reporting period major players in the market exchange the cash equal to difference between inflow and outflow regarding interbank financial communication instead of infinite cash logistics throughout the period. Since this technology was implemented in bank departments and ATM-machines (which, by the way, were also faced with extreme skepticism and suspicion when they appeared in the status of cutting-edge technology), customers still had to communicate with clerks who could provide them with assistance and inspired some trust. 

Now with the cumulative efforts of world’s major financial companies, telecom industry and widely emerging fintech players, humanity made another step forward with reaching completely new level in money transfers. New solution for the clients globally is “pay technologies” which are available anytime from anywhere in the world without dependence on banks’ working hours and other traits of physical departments.

We are proud to say, that MAPPLCOM can provide a powerful tool for companies which are willing to use cloud payments and cloud acquiring in their everyday operational activities. Meet MAPPLPay – the instrument you needed to take the advantage of fast and smart money transfer management and take your transactions to the next level globally.