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MAPPLVoice™, an innovative IP-enhanced carrier cloud voice service for aggregated voice traffic

What are the cloud voice services? What do they help to achieve? Generally, cloud voice tools are a class of powerful machine technics for operating and managing big volumes of data using voice mechanisms to give some answers or produce any results for the requests (which may be given also in oral).

Why are these services so popular? Among all the potential ways and means of communication between some company and its clients, partners, employees and other groups of stakeholders the most popular ones are digital channels, including chats, articles, forums, video hints and even AI-chatbots, and more classic personal channels to reach the company, including hotlines and conversations with operators. However, according to the 2019 Survey Results (conducted for more than 50 industries in several countries), even with the emergence of different digital services, 95% of service teams would offer customer service via phone and 93% of clients highly rely on it as a kind of “last resort” for finalisation stage of their problem.

Nevertheless, providing intelligent, connected service covering phone calls is too complicated, partially, because most companies use multiple systems to manage their contact centres. Telephony isn’t integrated with the agent’s console, forcing them to navigate multiple screens during interactions. Aside from notes the agent captures, conversation history is lost, so next time the customer reaches out there will be little context to keep on going with. 

And we are excited to introduce the MAPPLCOM’s solution for the organisation, which lies in an application of cutting-edge MAPPLVoice™ technology, created by combing smart machine algorithms and the way of communication all the clients are used to. In a nutshell, the service collates phone, digital channel, and customer support data in a unified remote console. It routes and automatically transcribes calls, surfacing transcriptions in real time in the Cloud and attaching them to customer records for future references. On the supervisory side, a bespoke dashboard allows managers to view calls and conversations while monitoring where calls are being routed, as well as the skills of each agent and which conversations might require live (or post hoc) coaching. It also provides managers with some recommended or anticipated solutions, such as answer for the most frequent questions. 

We hope you enjoy the smart decisions we provide you with and ready to boost your business performance via the most innovative technologies!